Captain James Lowe
USCG 200 Ton Licensed Master
(727) 236-1385

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Hi I'm James

(Captain James Lowe)

Most people simply call me "Capt. James," While "Captain Lowe" is more accurate,
Capt. James is the friendly and approachable name we'll use.
Yacht Delivery Captain James Lowe

  • Non smoker
  • Florida resident
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Current U.S. passport
  • Current TWIC card (Transportation workers identification credential)
  • United States Coast Guard Mariner Reference Number 2874024
  • Honorably discharged U.S. Navy Veteran

Im a sailor now but I started my boating as a child, I continued my passion for the sea by joining the Navy as a young adult. After my honorable discharge, I ventured into the contracting industry, specializing in painting and power washing for a few years. Even during that time, I maintained my love for watersports and already held a captain's license.

Eventually, I shifted gears and pursued full time maritime opportunities by working offshore in the oil and gas industry, leading me to upgrade my Coast Guard Ticket.

I worked on ships at first as AB (able-bodied seaman). Then I started running crew boats as Master (Captain) taking men and supplies between the dock and the oil rigs. but I wasn’t happy out there after years working 28 days straight only to get 14 days off. Talk about a job that can take the fun out of life.

Anyways after oil patch I did some random short term captain gigs the only one worth noting was a relief position I took temporarily operating a pilot boats, You know the little boats that crash into running ships to embark and disembark harbor pilots? Anyways Pirate 101, a subject for later conversation.

With a lifetime of working on boats and being on the water, I have amassed a vast amount of expertise through personal ownership, boat refurbishments, and professional work in the marine service industry. I possess an extensive understanding of vessel maintenance, brightwork, as well as electrical and mechanical systems.

I am also highly proficient in skillfully handling boats.

Transitioning to the commercial side of boating, my experience as an shipboard Able Seaman (AB) and later as a crew boat captain took my expertise to a whole new level. Safety, preventive maintenance, and training became integral parts of my job, further enhancing my skills and knowledge.

With my significant experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. I am an experienced sailor with sailboat rigging expertise and have served as a Captain of an Offshore Supply Vessel in the Gulf offshore oil and natural gas industry for several years operating high-speed passenger-carrying motor vessels exceeding 200 feet in length.

I have completed training and obtained certifications in various areas of marine operations.

  • Master 200 GRT Near Coastal Aux Sail
  • Able Seaman Any Waters certification
  • Radar Observer Unlimited certification
  • ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) certification
  • ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information Systems) certification
  • GMDSS (Global Marine Distress Safety Systems) certification
  • GMDSS FCC Operators License
  • Lifeboatman certification
  • RFPNW (Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch) certification
  • Full STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting Certificate
  • Medical Care Provider Certificate
  • DPO (Dynamic Positiing Operator) Certificate
  • Flashing Lights (morse code) training
  • Bridge Resource Management training
  • FCC Amateur Extra W4WZW (ham radio)
  • NAUI Rescue Diver certification
Yacht Delivery Captain James Lowe

In the beginning, my dad's boat did sail,
And as his crew, I learned the ropes, without fail.
With each journey, a lesson was taught,
A love for the sea, within me, it was caught.

Then came the navy, where I found my place,
A boat of a different kind, a proud embrace.
As a crewmember, I sailed the ocean wide,
Serving with honor, with each rising tide.

But fuel we needed, for power and might,
I joined the offshore industry, a new sight.
Aboard the vessels, I worked as a crew,
In the realm of oil, a journey anew.

And now, my purpose is clear and true,
As a delivery captain, I stand with you.
When you need your vessel safely delivered,
I'll navigate the seas, a task unshivered.

I'll navigate the seas with skills, honed and tried,
Guiding your vessel, steadfast with pride.
Captain James Lowe provides vessel orientations,
Guiding new owners with thorough dedications.

From navigation charting to boat handling skills,
His hands-on training ensures competence instills.
Not just for owners, but insurance company check rides,
Captain Lowe's expertise, trains so confidence abides..

Author ChatGPT & Me after much prompting ;)

I have a natural inclination towards humor.
I enjoy making others laugh or laughing at their jokes.
I am very friendly and approachable, and I believe I am easy to talk to.
I am always happy to engage in conversations (after my morning coffee).
My lighthearted nature makes it easy to joke with me.
I genuinely enjoy making others laugh and developing friendships.

For the past several years, I have been working as a yacht delivery captain,
I have had the privilege of overseeing the safe relocation of many private motor and Sailing Vessels to their desired destinations.

I have successfully completed numerous vessel relocation jobs; I am known for my ability to deliver vessels safely and efficiently to their intended destinations.
I am proud to be recognized as a reliable and trustworthy yacht delivery captain,
I also take on the role of an instructor, teaching vessel handling and navigation skills .

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that I am committed to completing the jobs I take on.
While the idea of yacht delivery may sound romantic, I assure you that it involves long and demanding days on the boat.
At times the weather not good and seas build or the boat isn’t running right, or other problems arise,
a lot of boats really were not designed for comfort and not surprisingly you feel it after hours and days.

We are not one the crews you’ve heard about that take the job on only to quit a day or two into it leaving you stranded.
I KNOW what I’m signing up for! I’ve done it for years, I have never “quit” a delivery.

You Got A Boat, You Need To Move It, I’m Your Guy!

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In a world of Boats, it’s my yacht.
But in the world of Yachts, it’s only my boat!